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Compassion Club members donate $50.00 or more each month via credit card and receive a vintage 7x7 Be Kind print and a copy of “Animals and the Kids Who Love Them”, by Allen and Linda Anderson.

Animals-and-the-Kids-Who-Love-ThemAnimals and The Kids Who Love Them

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The clichés click because they’re so often true. But some kids do more than play with their pets, and some animals do more than fetch and purr. These kids and animals love unconditionally, and through that love, the condition of each is transformed. This collection is for animal lovers of all ages — and for anyone who wants to smile or needs to heal.

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Program Spotlight

Spokane Red Star Rescue Team Assists in Animal Cruelty Case

redstarstarvingdonkeyRed Star™ Animal Emergency Services took the lead on rescuing 86 horses, dogs, llamas, sheep and other emaciated animals. Tragically, many animals had died already and in some cases just skeletal remains were found on the site in north Spokane, WA. The painfully thin surviving animals were raced to an emergency shelter where they are receiving desperately needed food, water and loving care.

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