You Did It! Texas Bans Gas Chambers for Animals

behumane-600x276-texas gas chambers

Thanks to you and animal lovers all over the country, gas chambers are now banned in the great state of Texas!

Last week we sent a letter with the signatures of 22,000 of our supporters to Governor Rick Perry, who signed SB 360, a bill to rid the state of the barbaric practice of gassing animals. Research by American Humane Association on this horrific and inhumane practice, the work of animal groups strongly opposed to gas chambers, and people across America made a difference.

Now Texas has joined a growing roster of states that have ended the use of gas chambers for helpless dogs and cats with no one to speak for them. 

This is a great victory, but only one battle won in a war to end the use of gas chambers in every single state.  Please help us be a voice for the voiceless so not another frightened animal is subjected to this horror.

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