• back-to-future-setHumane Hollywood

    Where The Stars Shine Brightest

    Our “No Animals Were Harmed®” teams monitor thousands of productions every year.  With established filmmaking guidelines, detailed production reviews, certified safety reps and more, we help keep the cameras rolling and the animals safe.  American Humane Association's Hero Dog Awards™ were created in 2010 to celebrate the powerful relationships between dogs and people; as companion animals, service and therapy animals, animal soldiers, police officers and first responders and emerging heroes.  Our Celebrity Supporters and National Ambassadors enable us to expand our mission of protecting animals and children in desperate circumstances.

  • red-star-puppiesHumane Intervention

    Red Star Rescue for Children & Animals

    American Humane Association began doing animal relief in August, 1916, by accepting an invitation of the War Department to help animals used by the U.S. Army during WWI.  Today, our Red StarTM Animal Emergency Services teams rescue and shelter animals in crisis and provide lifesaving tips to protect children, families and communities before, during and after disasters.  Red Star Animal-Assisted Therapy teams are on the ground year-round providing life-healing comfort for children with cancer, the aged, the infirm, and military families impacted by service.

  • kid-dog-readHumane Research & Policy

    Community Focused, Nationally Engaged

    In collaboration with animal experts from across the nation and around the world, we use strategic science to get to the bottom of what makes animals healthy, happy and safe.  Anchored by two cutting-edge research institutes – the new Animal Welfare Research Institute and the new Children’s Innovation Institute – Humane Research & Policy Solutions bring participatory, preventive science to our communities with robust solutions that prevent abuse and neglect of our most vulnerable.

  • honoring bondHumane Heartland

    Healthy Animals, Healthy Kids

    American Humane Association created the first welfare certification program in the United States to ensure the humane treatment of farm animals. The American Humane® Certified program provides third-party, independent verification that certified producers’ care and handling of farm animals meet the science-based animal welfare standards of American Humane Association.  We are also working on a new educational curriculum for children on farm animals, to help educate our children about where our food comes from and ensure future generations are invested in the humane treatment of farm animals.

About American Humane Association

American Humane Association has been at the forefront of every major advance in protecting children, pets and farm animals from abuse and neglect since 1877.  Today we’re leading the way in understanding human-animal interaction and its role in society. 

American Humane Association advocates caring, compassion and hope for our society's most vulnerable citizens. 

Our programs enrich communities, protect children, prevent abuse of animals, and embrace the power of the human-animal bond.  As each new year approaches – full of the hope and promise of making the world better and brighter for children, animals and all of us – please help us build on the transformative change and momentum that have begun to take hold.
An investment in American Humane Association is an investment in compassion. Be Humane, become a member today!  The solution rests in compassion. The solution rests in all of us.